Oh Kashdoller… Why is the word “nigger” such a showstopper? Donald Sterling didn’t even say it but we still are better than him. He’s evil, don’t you agree? Sincerely, nigga norman

Dear Nigga Normam,

You see Norm, this whole “racist” pinning has turned into a witch hunt. Your hero Kash Dymé is just your average guy who doesn’t spread hate or use hateful language to spread ignorance. Or at least I don’t set out to do these things. I simply like to discuss the issues and generally just want to do the right thing. Most of us fit this same story I think. But that isn’t even what it is about anymore. It isn’t about how we ACTUALLY feel inside. I think most of us who aren’t extremist for any ideology generally feel we want everyone to get along and don’t want hate to be spread. But the current state of society doesn’t care about that. It’s all about image. It’s all about making yet another big profile person a scapegoat so the rest of the world can point fingers and go “RACIST RACIST RACIST” with their tongues sticking out like they are better than them. In reality we all have biased views and in fact it’s human nature to be “racist” in a

Our world in the west has become one of fake morals and pretend make believe ethics. Remember a few months ago a pasta company I think it was Barilla gave the media something to make a
story about when the owner said he didn’t want to put gay people in his commercials. Of course out come these pro-gay nazi’s flipping out over this. Mind you it would be a pretty dumb move to have gay people in a pasta commercial from a business standpoint. This is probably why you don’t ever see gay people in ANY commercial for ANY product. So this guy tells the truth – that’s where he went wrong. He actually stated during the same interview he supports gay marriage and gay people movement, but none of that mattered. So what was the reaction? The other pasta companies of course made ads with “gay pasta” as a way to profit off of the situation. Now for me – this really goes right in line with how society is these days. These other pasta companies don’t support gays any more than Barilla. Not to mention their counter-ads were done with pasta noodles and not real people – clever marketing trick there. So what we got here is a situation where the guy (or company if you will) tells the truth about some minor issue, and is forced to make public statements, his stocks plummet, millions of people boycotting his pasta, all for telling the truth about how every major business is concerned with marketing their company in that gay couples aren’t the image he wants to sell. Clearly he aims to have the classic Italian family image-wise – after all – his company is PASTA.

gay pasta

But wait, who is applauded as the hero’s here, who makes record sales and comes to the rescue? Well the other pasta companies of course who made the gay ads. They basically went ahead of lied, pretended they cared about gay people with a marketing ploy, and this is commended. Everyone jumps on their boat. They are the good guy. So what does Barilla do? Well clearly they learned that telling the truth about anything anymore is bad. Lying is good. It doesn’t matter how we all feel about something. What matters is how everyone else perceives how we may or may not feel.

This thing with the clippers owner just goes right in line with that. And every other media outlet who plays it up. Why am I opening up a major newspaper or surfing over to a major news website in the year 2014 and having one of the biggest front page stories will usually be something about the latest celebrity/media figure who “used the N word”. They dig up inaudible recordings of it. Sometimes from 30-40 years ago. If they can even get a weak lead on this most-damned deed, they are on it! And to make matters even more incredibly outrageous is using terms like n****r and “the n word” when referencing the word nigger. The media is clever, there is very good reason why this is done. And it’s not to “keep it clean” or “because they care” because again – it’s all about image – not really if they really truly care of not. But something more powerful here is at work. Anyone with half a numskull if they really thought about it would understand a very simple concept here: by making the word nigger so forbidden and so shameful all that does is make the word MORE POWERFUL. If you want this word word nigger to lose it’s power and you truly want to remove the hurtful nature it currently possesses, then stop reacting to it with such intensity that we are all 300 million of us up in this big controversy every time it’s used. We spell it with cryptic symbols like n***er. My favorite though is calling it “the n word”. There are roughly 1 million words in the English language and with N being a rather popular letter, let’s just low ball it and assume 10,000 words begin with this letter. With only 26 letters, crowning any one single word as _THE_ word to represent any one given letter must be a really powerful important and noteworthy word. Evidently we have bestowed this proud title for the letter N on to the word nigger. Gee, that’s kind of fucked up wouldn’t you say? The only thing that does is again – MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL.

nigger thug

The confusion over who can say nigger, how to spell nigger, and who will get caught next in the nigger witch hunt gets even stranger. Now the media is attaching new words on to nigger and pretending they are the same thing.

We need to take political correctness and get the fuck rid of it pronto. It has permeated society to its core and is the death of this whole nation. It does nothing but spread lies, deception, all while using a pretend set of apparent “morals” and “ethics” that we all must pretend to adhere to. Any slippage, which can simply be anything even as simplistic as saying
one word, you know – an utterance of the tongue, a random noise to people and beings who don’t speak english can get you banned for life from the NBA even though you OWN A FUCKING TEAM THAT _YOU_ PURCHASED 30 years ago. And fined $2,500,000.00 !! Keep in mind here I am not advocating this guys shitty perspective, he clearly has issues. But this was not something that was publicly said. It was a recorded private conversation that got aired on TMZ of all places. TMZ – a freaking TABLOID website!!! I guess I’m having trouble really wrapping my head around a society that is fining people millions upon millions of dollars, forcing the sale of his sports franchise, and banning him for LIFE from basketball entirely which all stemmed from some garbage that was sent in to TMZ. Really think about this logically. Forget all the nigger “n word” witch hunt madness for a split second and do understand the magnitude of what is being done here.

he didn't even say nigger!

he didn’t even say nigger! Evidently that is not even a mandatory minimum requirement to get burned at the racist stake!

When you get down to the reality of the situation, we are imposing the biggest punishment in the history of sports in America as far as I know, for any sports figure owner, player, ref, announcer, whatever have you. And why? Well because he hurt some peoples feelings and said some questionable things lacking class. He “offended” a few people, many of which aren’t even black to begin with (wrap your head around that one!), so our culture deems to necessary to destroy this man by ripping the gut out of his entire existence, removing everything from him because he hurt some peoples feelings. No crime was committed. Hell – no laws were even broken! In fact again – this was a PRIVATE EMOTIONALLY CHARGED HEATED CONVERSATION never meant to be heard by anyone but the person on the other phone. He wasn’t arranging for kids to be raped in sex trafficking nor was he discussing a murder he set up or anything like that.

All he did was get caught in the witch hunt nigga norm. Let’s face it, up until now everyone loved him. And why? He lied norm. He lied to garner his fortune as do all people with money do. It’s how it’s done. Business as usual in America bud. The NAACP even gave him a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 5 years ago! Think about the chances of that? I wonder how many other lifetime achievement awards they give out to people who don’t care about black people. Did you ever get any awards from the NAACP nigga norm? No?? Why? Oh yeah – you a aren’t rich. Why did our fallen hero Donald Sterling get one then? How preposterous to give an award to someone who clearly doesn’t like you, right?

Well duh, this is America, it’s all about perception here, remember? Donald Sterling gave them money and he lied. That’s the winning ticket in America in 2014. Lies and money evidently will also bring with it morals and ethics and lifetime achievement awards. Who cares how you really feel, unless you get a “rat” who tells on you. We are all adults and run society like it was ran in the 1st grade with tattle tales and telling on the bully who said a bad word. Everyone loved Donald Sterling until his HALF BLACK GIRLFRIEND decided to screw him. I bet she was totally with him for his hot dashing looks, sparkling personality, and great lover skills no doubt. Or maybe she’s just a money grubbing whore? No way, that’s mean! In fact forget all of that. Why don’t you just ignore every red flag questionable personality defect on that dashing diva and pretend she’s a credible source.

Welcome to America in 2014 Norm. Watch your back, maybe you’ll be the next to be publicly shamed for this nonsense. Get your cauldron and keep that stew a brewin’, we’re gonna get all of them evil racists and make them ALL to confess! Muahahaha!