the history of boys and girls

Dear Kashdoller,

How come men get to be sluts and it doesn’t matter? In case you haven’t noticed, we want to be sluts too. No slut shaming! What gives?

Francine the Feminist

Dear Francine,
I know you are probably one of those people that are into this utopian world where everything is equal right down the middle. And you probably think that everything that applies to men should apply to women, and vice versa (though I would argue you are more one-sided on the issue as most women are by their nature and the way society is structured. But let’s just take the benefit of the doubt here and assume you aren’t one of those people who thinks men can be overtly sexist but women can’t).

Here is the reality and this reality won’t change no matter how politically correct our disgusting fake culture becomes, no matter how culturally ingrained they become, it doesn’t matter. Those things play such a minor role in comparison to the inner reality of what makes men and women tick, and the dynamic that work in between them both. I mean I think a lot of this is common sense. But you don’t seem to have any grasp of it. So let me try here with you and see if you can actually consider what I’m saying for a minute without your empowered 21st century female american goggles on:

1. Yes a womans past sex history matters very much to all men. Whether they vocalize this or even realize it on a conscience level is a whole other story. But yes it matters. It matters because it has mattered for thousands and thousands of years. Why does it matter then? Because it had to matter. We as men had to make sure that the woman we ended up with was our own because of the offspring. If she was sleeping around with other men, then we wouldn’t know the children were ours. It would be a guessing game. You as a woman on the other hand have no doubt the kid is yours, regardless of which cock you screwed to give birth to it. But think about this from the male stand point. You are fighting for your very existance, trying to build a family, lead a village, develop a community. Do you really want to build your entire reality on a guess? No. So from the wee beginning of human society, we built our sexuality on the pureness (virginity) of the woman. As time moved on, this entire thing has gotten relaxed. It was slow at first. I mean in the middle ages women wore chastity belts. Yes this seems barbaric to you as a woman. It does to me too frankly. It seems oppressive. But consider this for a second: if society reached that point, there is a reason for it. The goal was not to oppress women. The goal was to preserve the bloodline of the family, whoever family was in question. Clearly the methods are barbaric and to todays standards crazy. But dare I even say it probably was for the matter of our species. Not better for women. And probably not better for men either considering the fallout. But more than likely women were whoring out to the standards of their day and that is what it came to.

Okay well time moves on and we begin to relax from that in our society. Up until the 1950′s though women were still more or less assumed to be a virgin for her future husband and that was the end of it. No playing around, no hook-up culture, none of that.

Then the 60′s happened. And everything got really crazy in a real big hurry.

But that’s childs play compared to today. Today girls are just as bad as men, many times worse. Hell today women are assumed to all be bisexual. You may be an OUTCAST if you AREN’T bisexual these days. Pretty nuts.

So you can basically thank you feminism for the current whore/slut status of women. But that’s anoter story.

Back to the discussion at hand. Even though we quite rapidly have moved from pure virgin wife marriage being the norm to women fucking 20 guys as a “good average” before she “settles down”, this still does not mean that men magically began to not care about what has always traditionally been ingrained in our very soul of what makes an ideal wife. ANY man, with a normal psyche, desires to be with a female (girlfriend/wife) that has slept with as few men as possible. If he denies this, he’s either lying to you or himself.

And then you argue why not men? Why don’t our sex past matter? Because once again it never had to matter. Our goal as men from the get-go was to make as many kids as possible, and fuck as many women as we could get. This over time obviously turned into a society with rules and norms and we don’t just grab any old female and fuck her on the spot like animals do. You may laugh at this but it truly is amazing at how much men have been for the almost entire majority been able to tame all of that. A few whistles and a few looks is the worst of the worst random dudes looking at a fine girl. Instinctively we just want to fuck her on the spot. It’s pretty easy to see an attractive girl and have “sex” enter the mind as fast as you can blink an eye.

So why don’t our sex pasts matter? Because you don’t care. Why would you? I mean it may matter a little bit with current society norms and ideologies. STD’s enter into the mix too. But by in large it just isn’t a deal breaker or even much of an issue. Hell some women view it as a positive to have a good solid sexual history because she knows she’ll have a better chance of getting fucked really good instead of some lame ass romp and go.

It’s just what makes us men and women Francine. You probably sit there and deny it and hell I don’t know maybe you call me sexist that seems to be the popular thing to do these days. I personally couldn’t give a rats ass what “ism” someone labels me.

Kash Dymé


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