child support is welfare


I read this article about “child support” …and if you read it all the way through it actually gives some details on the federal incentives for child support, rarely ever shared with the public.  

Here are my thoughts on the article:


First of all if they continue to pass his SS#s through the system to collect on the case, then the case isn’t closed and the premise of this article is wrong. The only thing they would be doing in effect would be to stop throwing this guy in jail over and over. The guy obviously is a piece of shit. But if there was ever a chance at him being a part of the child’s life, the system basically made sure that wouldn’t happen. Once you fall behind on this so called “child support” madness, it continues to spiral out of control. So it essentially gets to the point where he says to himself that he has two choices: 

1. See his kids but spend the rest of his life in and out of jail in an endless cycle
2. Cut his ties, run away, work under the table somewhere else, and start over.

Since being in jail is no good to his children anyway, he made the obvious choice. He juggled between being a slave or being a dipshit. Well he chose dipshit. Who can blame him?

If you are sitting there thinking he could just get a job to avoid jail, think again. First of all getting a regular paying job isn’t exactly an easy thing to do these days, especially for people with child support orders like that, employers think you are unresponsible and you are less likely to get hired. Plus (I’m assuming) his he doesn’t seem to have any advanced education, likely only works blue collar jobs. Those jobs are being swallowed up by other counties and illegal aliens everyday. But let’s assume he managed to find a job making okay money, the system would take so much out leaving him with no way to live. They would more than likely take between 50% to 60% of his NET pay out for this child support (that’s after taxes, so yes he is unbelievably paying taxes on this money as well). He wouldn’t even able to afford rent and food or anything else.

Meanwhile this woman is remarried and lives comfortably. Do you think he views this situation as one that which he should walk back into? Take away the money factor and he would all more than likely play some role in their life. But given the circumstances he was all but forced out.

Furthermore do you think the state should continue to put this dude in jail over and over and over (which is unconstitutional to begin with). If so, for what? For a “punishment”? That isn’t the way the law works, we shouldn’t be punishing people in jail because we don’t like them. He’s never going to willingly walk into a situation in which he will be left with nothing but slave labor.

It gets to the point that it becomes she is the master and he is the slave. Believe me it doesn’t take but more than 2-3 months of missing straight payments for this child support nightmare to get out of control. They do everything in their power to punish you and make it as hard as possible for you to secure work. Other than putting you in jail which is just so stupid, ineffective, and counterproductive, they also remove your drivers license, ruin your credit, remove your passport, and in some cases slap a felony on you. All of these things just make it harder and harder to secure work.

And don’t fool yourself, it is a debt, nothing more. Stop thinking if this as “child” support like it’s some kind of special deal like they got us all believing. It is a welfare check paid out in debt owed to the other parent. Yes it is welfare, a lot of people don’t know that. It is welfare money that goes from one parent and into the other parents checking account. And just like state paid welfare, there is no accountability for the money, it’s just more money in her pocket for her to do as she wants. She can as much spend it on crack or deposit it into her child’s college fund. Who cares, nobody checks. Plus anyone can see that to her, this is “about principle” as she put it. That is just another way of saying it’s not about the kids anymore, it’s actually about revenge.

Yep, it’s state assisted revenge. It’s about a personal vendetta that she has against this man that she is bitter feeling towards because she was forced to raise her kids without his help. As a father who had one of his kids literally kidnapped from him, and has raised the other by myself with no help from anyone, she should be thankful she got to raise her kids AT ALL rather than view it as a detriment. She views the entire process as being negative. Instead she should be proud she did it herself and had the strength to do it. Her kids would feel that strength and see how courageous her mother is. Instead what they see is a whiny woman who is bitter and evidently “struggled” and wants to get revenge on the man who made her “struggle” to raise her kids. Imagine from the kids perspective how that would make you feel? Happy and proud to of raised them or bitter and angry for having to raise them. I would want my parent to be happy and proud they were given the opportunity to raise me. And for them to show me how happy it made them. Not how fucking horrible it was.

But who can blame her? That’s the message you see everywhere in this society Even Oblamer says over and over how “hard” it is to raise kids and how much “harder” it is for single mothers. He pretty much won the election on the single mother vote. And everyone else shoving down your throat how “hard” it is to raise kids alone. My daughter has never and will never hear how anything was or is hard. I tell her I love being her parent and I loved every single moment of raising her. I speak no negativity about her mother who disappeared when she was 2. In fact she says she still loves her mother, a person she can’t even remember.

But then again it IS truly about my kids to me. I put my ego aside and do what is truly in her best interests. To this woman in this article, as well as the father in this article, as well as the mother of my other kidnapped daughter, and to many other people I speak to in this country, as much as they don’t want to admit it, this becomes a thing about THEM and serving their ego and their needs and their vendettas and their revenge. It’s more or all to do with how it affected them and how hard it is for them and how unfair it is to them. Has anyone here or anywhere even stopped and asked how this bitter woman’s kids would benefit from throwing this loser guy in jail over and over and over? It wouldn’t. And tax payers lose too. In fact everyone on the planet loses in that scenario except one: the bitter woman. And the only thing it would do for her is to stroke her ego and give her the satisfaction that he is getting what she thinks he “deserves”.


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