oh, kashdoller… tell me about abortion.

I got two issues with abortion and the whole woman’s right to choose rhetoric I hear everywhere.

1. Why is this an issue of a womans right to choose if it affects other people too – namely the father and the eventual baby to be born – both of which are just as affected as the woman.  Since the man apparently has no say whatsoever, then why is it also a woman’s “right” to hit him up with an invoice after the child is born by entering him into the child extort which is essentially modern day slavery completely at the mercy of the state and the mother.  Since he has no choice whatsoever on this abortion thing, then he should be able to “opt out” of the servitude that awaits him after her 9 month duty of baby carrying is over.  If that sounds silly, then he should have just as much say as the woman when it comes to the abortion.

2. Speaking of abortion i don’t consider myself pro-life or pro-choice.  However I am pro-confused as to how any woman can go forth with an abortion. And even more pro-baffled and pro-head scratching after hearing reasons like not financially able to afford it, or the baby being born into poverty, or she is too young (forget dad he’s never considered until later when child extort paperwork is being filled out), or any of those reasons.  It’s the most selfish deplorable thing to even say those things it never ceases to amaze me because here’s why I got one word for ya: ADOPTION.  Funny how this is never mentioned, considered, spoken about, or even an issue at all. Especially when there are so many families, especially gay couples, who would absolutely give anything for a baby to raise. But god forbid we make the woman accountable for her actions and actually not take the easy way out and be a hero and go forth with the pregnancy and give the poor baby up for adoption to a loving grateful family fully able and willing to take care of it.  Blows my mind everytime I hear these women talk about how they couldn’t afford it or any of their sob stories.  Boo hoo. Fact is adoption would be a great choice for the father (if he didn’t want to be a father), the family receiving the baby, for society because most adopted kids turn out great, and of course for the baby who would be freaking killed before birth otherwise, everybody benefits here! Well except of course the woman.   She is the only one that doesn’t directly benefit out of it because she has to go forth with the pregnancy and be responsible and account for her actions.  Nope.  Let’s not even consider something that silly!  The only time I can really see abortion being a real plausible choice would be if the woman got raped, or her own life was found to be in jeopardy, or if the child was found to have down syndrome or something like that.  Otherwise during a normal everyday unwanted pregnancy, abortion is the absolutely selfish awful easy way out of a situation instead of doing the hard work and right thing by adoption.


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