Oh Kashdoller… Why is the word “nigger” such a showstopper? Donald Sterling didn’t even say it but we still are better than him. He’s evil, don’t you agree? Sincerely, nigga norman

Dear Nigga Normam,

You see Norm, this whole “racist” pinning has turned into a witch hunt. Your hero Kash Dymé is just your average guy who doesn’t spread hate or use hateful language to spread ignorance. Or at least I don’t set out to do these things. I simply like to discuss the issues and generally just want to do the right thing. Most of us fit this same story I think. But that isn’t even what it is about anymore. It isn’t about how we ACTUALLY feel inside. I think most of us who aren’t extremist for any ideology generally feel we want everyone to get along and don’t want hate to be spread. But the current state of society doesn’t care about that. It’s all about image. It’s all about making yet another big profile person a scapegoat so the rest of the world can point fingers and go “RACIST RACIST RACIST” with their tongues sticking out like they are better than them. In reality we all have biased views and in fact it’s human nature to be “racist” in a

Our world in the west has become one of fake morals and pretend make believe ethics. Remember a few months ago a pasta company I think it was Barilla gave the media something to make a
story about when the owner said he didn’t want to put gay people in his commercials. Of course out come these pro-gay nazi’s flipping out over this. Mind you it would be a pretty dumb move to have gay people in a pasta commercial from a business standpoint. This is probably why you don’t ever see gay people in ANY commercial for ANY product. So this guy tells the truth – that’s where he went wrong. He actually stated during the same interview he supports gay marriage and gay people movement, but none of that mattered. So what was the reaction? The other pasta companies of course made ads with “gay pasta” as a way to profit off of the situation. Now for me – this really goes right in line with how society is these days. These other pasta companies don’t support gays any more than Barilla. Not to mention their counter-ads were done with pasta noodles and not real people – clever marketing trick there. So what we got here is a situation where the guy (or company if you will) tells the truth about some minor issue, and is forced to make public statements, his stocks plummet, millions of people boycotting his pasta, all for telling the truth about how every major business is concerned with marketing their company in that gay couples aren’t the image he wants to sell. Clearly he aims to have the classic Italian family image-wise – after all – his company is PASTA.

gay pasta

But wait, who is applauded as the hero’s here, who makes record sales and comes to the rescue? Well the other pasta companies of course who made the gay ads. They basically went ahead of lied, pretended they cared about gay people with a marketing ploy, and this is commended. Everyone jumps on their boat. They are the good guy. So what does Barilla do? Well clearly they learned that telling the truth about anything anymore is bad. Lying is good. It doesn’t matter how we all feel about something. What matters is how everyone else perceives how we may or may not feel.

This thing with the clippers owner just goes right in line with that. And every other media outlet who plays it up. Why am I opening up a major newspaper or surfing over to a major news website in the year 2014 and having one of the biggest front page stories will usually be something about the latest celebrity/media figure who “used the N word”. They dig up inaudible recordings of it. Sometimes from 30-40 years ago. If they can even get a weak lead on this most-damned deed, they are on it! And to make matters even more incredibly outrageous is using terms like n****r and “the n word” when referencing the word nigger. The media is clever, there is very good reason why this is done. And it’s not to “keep it clean” or “because they care” because again – it’s all about image – not really if they really truly care of not. But something more powerful here is at work. Anyone with half a numskull if they really thought about it would understand a very simple concept here: by making the word nigger so forbidden and so shameful all that does is make the word MORE POWERFUL. If you want this word word nigger to lose it’s power and you truly want to remove the hurtful nature it currently possesses, then stop reacting to it with such intensity that we are all 300 million of us up in this big controversy every time it’s used. We spell it with cryptic symbols like n***er. My favorite though is calling it “the n word”. There are roughly 1 million words in the English language and with N being a rather popular letter, let’s just low ball it and assume 10,000 words begin with this letter. With only 26 letters, crowning any one single word as _THE_ word to represent any one given letter must be a really powerful important and noteworthy word. Evidently we have bestowed this proud title for the letter N on to the word nigger. Gee, that’s kind of fucked up wouldn’t you say? The only thing that does is again – MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL.

nigger thug

The confusion over who can say nigger, how to spell nigger, and who will get caught next in the nigger witch hunt gets even stranger. Now the media is attaching new words on to nigger and pretending they are the same thing.

We need to take political correctness and get the fuck rid of it pronto. It has permeated society to its core and is the death of this whole nation. It does nothing but spread lies, deception, all while using a pretend set of apparent “morals” and “ethics” that we all must pretend to adhere to. Any slippage, which can simply be anything even as simplistic as saying
one word, you know – an utterance of the tongue, a random noise to people and beings who don’t speak english can get you banned for life from the NBA even though you OWN A FUCKING TEAM THAT _YOU_ PURCHASED 30 years ago. And fined $2,500,000.00 !! Keep in mind here I am not advocating this guys shitty perspective, he clearly has issues. But this was not something that was publicly said. It was a recorded private conversation that got aired on TMZ of all places. TMZ – a freaking TABLOID website!!! I guess I’m having trouble really wrapping my head around a society that is fining people millions upon millions of dollars, forcing the sale of his sports franchise, and banning him for LIFE from basketball entirely which all stemmed from some garbage that was sent in to TMZ. Really think about this logically. Forget all the nigger “n word” witch hunt madness for a split second and do understand the magnitude of what is being done here.

he didn't even say nigger!

he didn’t even say nigger! Evidently that is not even a mandatory minimum requirement to get burned at the racist stake!

When you get down to the reality of the situation, we are imposing the biggest punishment in the history of sports in America as far as I know, for any sports figure owner, player, ref, announcer, whatever have you. And why? Well because he hurt some peoples feelings and said some questionable things lacking class. He “offended” a few people, many of which aren’t even black to begin with (wrap your head around that one!), so our culture deems to necessary to destroy this man by ripping the gut out of his entire existence, removing everything from him because he hurt some peoples feelings. No crime was committed. Hell – no laws were even broken! In fact again – this was a PRIVATE EMOTIONALLY CHARGED HEATED CONVERSATION never meant to be heard by anyone but the person on the other phone. He wasn’t arranging for kids to be raped in sex trafficking nor was he discussing a murder he set up or anything like that.

All he did was get caught in the witch hunt nigga norm. Let’s face it, up until now everyone loved him. And why? He lied norm. He lied to garner his fortune as do all people with money do. It’s how it’s done. Business as usual in America bud. The NAACP even gave him a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 5 years ago! Think about the chances of that? I wonder how many other lifetime achievement awards they give out to people who don’t care about black people. Did you ever get any awards from the NAACP nigga norm? No?? Why? Oh yeah – you a aren’t rich. Why did our fallen hero Donald Sterling get one then? How preposterous to give an award to someone who clearly doesn’t like you, right?

Well duh, this is America, it’s all about perception here, remember? Donald Sterling gave them money and he lied. That’s the winning ticket in America in 2014. Lies and money evidently will also bring with it morals and ethics and lifetime achievement awards. Who cares how you really feel, unless you get a “rat” who tells on you. We are all adults and run society like it was ran in the 1st grade with tattle tales and telling on the bully who said a bad word. Everyone loved Donald Sterling until his HALF BLACK GIRLFRIEND decided to screw him. I bet she was totally with him for his hot dashing looks, sparkling personality, and great lover skills no doubt. Or maybe she’s just a money grubbing whore? No way, that’s mean! In fact forget all of that. Why don’t you just ignore every red flag questionable personality defect on that dashing diva and pretend she’s a credible source.

Welcome to America in 2014 Norm. Watch your back, maybe you’ll be the next to be publicly shamed for this nonsense. Get your cauldron and keep that stew a brewin’, we’re gonna get all of them evil racists and make them ALL to confess! Muahahaha!



the history of boys and girls

Dear Kashdoller,

How come men get to be sluts and it doesn’t matter? In case you haven’t noticed, we want to be sluts too. No slut shaming! What gives?

Francine the Feminist

Dear Francine,
I know you are probably one of those people that are into this utopian world where everything is equal right down the middle. And you probably think that everything that applies to men should apply to women, and vice versa (though I would argue you are more one-sided on the issue as most women are by their nature and the way society is structured. But let’s just take the benefit of the doubt here and assume you aren’t one of those people who thinks men can be overtly sexist but women can’t).

Here is the reality and this reality won’t change no matter how politically correct our disgusting fake culture becomes, no matter how culturally ingrained they become, it doesn’t matter. Those things play such a minor role in comparison to the inner reality of what makes men and women tick, and the dynamic that work in between them both. I mean I think a lot of this is common sense. But you don’t seem to have any grasp of it. So let me try here with you and see if you can actually consider what I’m saying for a minute without your empowered 21st century female american goggles on:

1. Yes a womans past sex history matters very much to all men. Whether they vocalize this or even realize it on a conscience level is a whole other story. But yes it matters. It matters because it has mattered for thousands and thousands of years. Why does it matter then? Because it had to matter. We as men had to make sure that the woman we ended up with was our own because of the offspring. If she was sleeping around with other men, then we wouldn’t know the children were ours. It would be a guessing game. You as a woman on the other hand have no doubt the kid is yours, regardless of which cock you screwed to give birth to it. But think about this from the male stand point. You are fighting for your very existance, trying to build a family, lead a village, develop a community. Do you really want to build your entire reality on a guess? No. So from the wee beginning of human society, we built our sexuality on the pureness (virginity) of the woman. As time moved on, this entire thing has gotten relaxed. It was slow at first. I mean in the middle ages women wore chastity belts. Yes this seems barbaric to you as a woman. It does to me too frankly. It seems oppressive. But consider this for a second: if society reached that point, there is a reason for it. The goal was not to oppress women. The goal was to preserve the bloodline of the family, whoever family was in question. Clearly the methods are barbaric and to todays standards crazy. But dare I even say it probably was for the matter of our species. Not better for women. And probably not better for men either considering the fallout. But more than likely women were whoring out to the standards of their day and that is what it came to.

Okay well time moves on and we begin to relax from that in our society. Up until the 1950′s though women were still more or less assumed to be a virgin for her future husband and that was the end of it. No playing around, no hook-up culture, none of that.

Then the 60′s happened. And everything got really crazy in a real big hurry.

But that’s childs play compared to today. Today girls are just as bad as men, many times worse. Hell today women are assumed to all be bisexual. You may be an OUTCAST if you AREN’T bisexual these days. Pretty nuts.

So you can basically thank you feminism for the current whore/slut status of women. But that’s anoter story.

Back to the discussion at hand. Even though we quite rapidly have moved from pure virgin wife marriage being the norm to women fucking 20 guys as a “good average” before she “settles down”, this still does not mean that men magically began to not care about what has always traditionally been ingrained in our very soul of what makes an ideal wife. ANY man, with a normal psyche, desires to be with a female (girlfriend/wife) that has slept with as few men as possible. If he denies this, he’s either lying to you or himself.

And then you argue why not men? Why don’t our sex past matter? Because once again it never had to matter. Our goal as men from the get-go was to make as many kids as possible, and fuck as many women as we could get. This over time obviously turned into a society with rules and norms and we don’t just grab any old female and fuck her on the spot like animals do. You may laugh at this but it truly is amazing at how much men have been for the almost entire majority been able to tame all of that. A few whistles and a few looks is the worst of the worst random dudes looking at a fine girl. Instinctively we just want to fuck her on the spot. It’s pretty easy to see an attractive girl and have “sex” enter the mind as fast as you can blink an eye.

So why don’t our sex pasts matter? Because you don’t care. Why would you? I mean it may matter a little bit with current society norms and ideologies. STD’s enter into the mix too. But by in large it just isn’t a deal breaker or even much of an issue. Hell some women view it as a positive to have a good solid sexual history because she knows she’ll have a better chance of getting fucked really good instead of some lame ass romp and go.

It’s just what makes us men and women Francine. You probably sit there and deny it and hell I don’t know maybe you call me sexist that seems to be the popular thing to do these days. I personally couldn’t give a rats ass what “ism” someone labels me.

Kash Dymé


child support is welfare


I read this article about “child support” …and if you read it all the way through it actually gives some details on the federal incentives for child support, rarely ever shared with the public.  

Here are my thoughts on the article:


First of all if they continue to pass his SS#s through the system to collect on the case, then the case isn’t closed and the premise of this article is wrong. The only thing they would be doing in effect would be to stop throwing this guy in jail over and over. The guy obviously is a piece of shit. But if there was ever a chance at him being a part of the child’s life, the system basically made sure that wouldn’t happen. Once you fall behind on this so called “child support” madness, it continues to spiral out of control. So it essentially gets to the point where he says to himself that he has two choices: 

1. See his kids but spend the rest of his life in and out of jail in an endless cycle
2. Cut his ties, run away, work under the table somewhere else, and start over.

Since being in jail is no good to his children anyway, he made the obvious choice. He juggled between being a slave or being a dipshit. Well he chose dipshit. Who can blame him?

If you are sitting there thinking he could just get a job to avoid jail, think again. First of all getting a regular paying job isn’t exactly an easy thing to do these days, especially for people with child support orders like that, employers think you are unresponsible and you are less likely to get hired. Plus (I’m assuming) his he doesn’t seem to have any advanced education, likely only works blue collar jobs. Those jobs are being swallowed up by other counties and illegal aliens everyday. But let’s assume he managed to find a job making okay money, the system would take so much out leaving him with no way to live. They would more than likely take between 50% to 60% of his NET pay out for this child support (that’s after taxes, so yes he is unbelievably paying taxes on this money as well). He wouldn’t even able to afford rent and food or anything else.

Meanwhile this woman is remarried and lives comfortably. Do you think he views this situation as one that which he should walk back into? Take away the money factor and he would all more than likely play some role in their life. But given the circumstances he was all but forced out.

Furthermore do you think the state should continue to put this dude in jail over and over and over (which is unconstitutional to begin with). If so, for what? For a “punishment”? That isn’t the way the law works, we shouldn’t be punishing people in jail because we don’t like them. He’s never going to willingly walk into a situation in which he will be left with nothing but slave labor.

It gets to the point that it becomes she is the master and he is the slave. Believe me it doesn’t take but more than 2-3 months of missing straight payments for this child support nightmare to get out of control. They do everything in their power to punish you and make it as hard as possible for you to secure work. Other than putting you in jail which is just so stupid, ineffective, and counterproductive, they also remove your drivers license, ruin your credit, remove your passport, and in some cases slap a felony on you. All of these things just make it harder and harder to secure work.

And don’t fool yourself, it is a debt, nothing more. Stop thinking if this as “child” support like it’s some kind of special deal like they got us all believing. It is a welfare check paid out in debt owed to the other parent. Yes it is welfare, a lot of people don’t know that. It is welfare money that goes from one parent and into the other parents checking account. And just like state paid welfare, there is no accountability for the money, it’s just more money in her pocket for her to do as she wants. She can as much spend it on crack or deposit it into her child’s college fund. Who cares, nobody checks. Plus anyone can see that to her, this is “about principle” as she put it. That is just another way of saying it’s not about the kids anymore, it’s actually about revenge.

Yep, it’s state assisted revenge. It’s about a personal vendetta that she has against this man that she is bitter feeling towards because she was forced to raise her kids without his help. As a father who had one of his kids literally kidnapped from him, and has raised the other by myself with no help from anyone, she should be thankful she got to raise her kids AT ALL rather than view it as a detriment. She views the entire process as being negative. Instead she should be proud she did it herself and had the strength to do it. Her kids would feel that strength and see how courageous her mother is. Instead what they see is a whiny woman who is bitter and evidently “struggled” and wants to get revenge on the man who made her “struggle” to raise her kids. Imagine from the kids perspective how that would make you feel? Happy and proud to of raised them or bitter and angry for having to raise them. I would want my parent to be happy and proud they were given the opportunity to raise me. And for them to show me how happy it made them. Not how fucking horrible it was.

But who can blame her? That’s the message you see everywhere in this society Even Oblamer says over and over how “hard” it is to raise kids and how much “harder” it is for single mothers. He pretty much won the election on the single mother vote. And everyone else shoving down your throat how “hard” it is to raise kids alone. My daughter has never and will never hear how anything was or is hard. I tell her I love being her parent and I loved every single moment of raising her. I speak no negativity about her mother who disappeared when she was 2. In fact she says she still loves her mother, a person she can’t even remember.

But then again it IS truly about my kids to me. I put my ego aside and do what is truly in her best interests. To this woman in this article, as well as the father in this article, as well as the mother of my other kidnapped daughter, and to many other people I speak to in this country, as much as they don’t want to admit it, this becomes a thing about THEM and serving their ego and their needs and their vendettas and their revenge. It’s more or all to do with how it affected them and how hard it is for them and how unfair it is to them. Has anyone here or anywhere even stopped and asked how this bitter woman’s kids would benefit from throwing this loser guy in jail over and over and over? It wouldn’t. And tax payers lose too. In fact everyone on the planet loses in that scenario except one: the bitter woman. And the only thing it would do for her is to stroke her ego and give her the satisfaction that he is getting what she thinks he “deserves”.


oh, kashdoller… tell me about abortion.

I got two issues with abortion and the whole woman’s right to choose rhetoric I hear everywhere.

1. Why is this an issue of a womans right to choose if it affects other people too – namely the father and the eventual baby to be born – both of which are just as affected as the woman.  Since the man apparently has no say whatsoever, then why is it also a woman’s “right” to hit him up with an invoice after the child is born by entering him into the child extort which is essentially modern day slavery completely at the mercy of the state and the mother.  Since he has no choice whatsoever on this abortion thing, then he should be able to “opt out” of the servitude that awaits him after her 9 month duty of baby carrying is over.  If that sounds silly, then he should have just as much say as the woman when it comes to the abortion.

2. Speaking of abortion i don’t consider myself pro-life or pro-choice.  However I am pro-confused as to how any woman can go forth with an abortion. And even more pro-baffled and pro-head scratching after hearing reasons like not financially able to afford it, or the baby being born into poverty, or she is too young (forget dad he’s never considered until later when child extort paperwork is being filled out), or any of those reasons.  It’s the most selfish deplorable thing to even say those things it never ceases to amaze me because here’s why I got one word for ya: ADOPTION.  Funny how this is never mentioned, considered, spoken about, or even an issue at all. Especially when there are so many families, especially gay couples, who would absolutely give anything for a baby to raise. But god forbid we make the woman accountable for her actions and actually not take the easy way out and be a hero and go forth with the pregnancy and give the poor baby up for adoption to a loving grateful family fully able and willing to take care of it.  Blows my mind everytime I hear these women talk about how they couldn’t afford it or any of their sob stories.  Boo hoo. Fact is adoption would be a great choice for the father (if he didn’t want to be a father), the family receiving the baby, for society because most adopted kids turn out great, and of course for the baby who would be freaking killed before birth otherwise, everybody benefits here! Well except of course the woman.   She is the only one that doesn’t directly benefit out of it because she has to go forth with the pregnancy and be responsible and account for her actions.  Nope.  Let’s not even consider something that silly!  The only time I can really see abortion being a real plausible choice would be if the woman got raped, or her own life was found to be in jeopardy, or if the child was found to have down syndrome or something like that.  Otherwise during a normal everyday unwanted pregnancy, abortion is the absolutely selfish awful easy way out of a situation instead of doing the hard work and right thing by adoption.